We help businesses succeed by empowering their people.

Our researched-backed digital and in-person programs will help transform your business at the individual and organizational levels.

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Most business problems are people problems.

Developing the people in your company is the single most effective lever you can pull to ensure your business thrives.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 24 years developing novel talent development solutions that lead to dynamic growth and make both individuals and teams alike more capable of tackling the challenges in their organization.

"Inspiring, Insightful, Actionable."

"Since our team leads attended the Designing Talent Company Program, this framework has spread through the Blinkist office quickly: I see people standing in front of whiteboards together "ACEing" challenges or hear colleagues explaining their "Wheel of Motivation". Inspiring, insightful, actionable – I can highly recommend this program to anyone working with people."

Anna-Lisa Obermann, Head of People, Blinkist

How our programs work

At The Autoris Institute, we offer a powerful suite of live and interactive programs that can be viewed virtually with your team. Your team members will emerge from these sessions more passionate, engaged, and more capable of solving your companies biggest problems.

You’ll be able to choose from solutions that will give your team instantaneous results, and long-term supervised sessions that will unlock your team's hidden potential. Whichever option you choose you’ll leave with many new insights that can be immediately applied to your business and personnel.

"The Autoris programs are real problem solvers. Highly recommended!"

"The Autoris programs are real problem solvers. And they always get outstanding feedback from participants: an amazing combination of academic excellence and real-life leadership application. Highly recommended."

Iskender Dirik, Managing Director, Samsung NEXT

"Simply the best"

"Simply the best! Matthias and his team at The Autoris Institute have uncanny knowledge to help individuals reach their utmost potential as leaders."

Colin D. Weekes, MD, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
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