About this program

“There´s no great company without great people”.

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century. The Designing Talent Program will help your people sharpen their leadership and talent development competencies and bring out the very best in themselves and their teams.


This program is for leaders, team leaders, and managers, who want to hone their learning and leadership skills, get new tools and assessments for daily challenges and team issues, or want to rethink their talent development strategy.

"Inspiring, Insightful, Actionable."

"Since our team leads attended the Designing Talent Company Program, this framework has spread through the Blinkist office quickly: I see people standing in front of whiteboards together "ACEing" challenges or hear colleagues explaining their "Wheel of Motivation". Inspiring, insightful, actionable – I can highly recommend this program to anyone working with people."

Anna-Lisa Obermann, Head of People, Blinkist


At the end of this program, you will

  • have a highly effective yet easy-to-use leadership and talent development framework

  • have more knowledge and ready-to-use tools for daily work

  • have sharpened your leadership and talent development competencies, such as the Art of Listening and the Art of Questioning

  • gained LOTS of practice

  • explored some essential "laws of learning"

  • have honed today´s most important leadership skill: learning and helping others learn

“Unlocking my people´s full potential“

"A modern workplace requires a modern approach to talent and lifelong learning. The Designing Talent Program and the many practical tools it provided helped me implement this in my company."

Felix Eichler Cofounder and CTO, Userlane / Forbes 30 Under 30


The typical program structure consists of
a. Two-day workshop
alternatively: 6 online sessions (à 2.5 hours every two weeks) with practice in small learning teams between sessions
b. Access to learning platform including all materials and tools


Lectures, discussions, self-reflection, break-out groups, exercises, feedback from peers, supervision, maximum interaction, value, and fun.


For further information and an individual offer please reach out to us.


  • How many participants (max.) are in one program?

    We recommend up to 20 people for one program. We usually have leaders and team leaders across different teams or units joining.

  • How much of the program ist theory, how much application?

    Each lecture and tool is followed by immediate application and practice - this way our participants can grow their experience and expertise during the program and will feel comfortable using them in their "real-life" settings very soon.

  • How long will the virtual program take altogether?

    We usually run the program over the course of three months with two online sessions (2.5 hours each) every month. In between the sessions the participants meet in small learning teams to practice and apply their learnings and tools (30-60 min.). It is also possible to stretch the program over 4-5 months or reduce to 1.5 months with Weekly sessions.

"Great Impact!"

The Designing Talent Program is a must-have for modern learning and development in organizations. The new methods and tools have enabled us to have a great impact on our individual and team learning journeys.  

Sarah Hoffmann, Chief People Officer, Brainwave Hub