Autoris is a think tank in the field of leadership, learning, and talent development.

We do research in our Institute, we publish, and we run programs in our Academy for individuals and organizations of all sizes across the globe.

We work for start-ups, global corporations, family businesses, universities and business schools, VC and PE firms, not-for-profits, and schools and have established a global network of research fellows, talent development experts, and partner organizations. Autoris was founded in 1998 by Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt. Since then, it has always been the same thing that drives us: making scientific insights applicable to day-to-day leadership, learning, and life.

We are academics. And entrepreneurs.

We know what keeps you up at night. And we are here to change that.

We are academics. But at the same time, we are entrepreneurs. That has always been our DNA. We know what can keep you (and your people) up at night. We have experienced it as well. That's where our passion comes from: we strive to combine scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to create insights and programs that really meet our clients' needs.

Value and fun

The criterion for our programs: YOU.

We permanently run surveys and interviews about what leaders and their people need or what they could benefit from most. Once we have determined a specific topic or challenge, we dig deeper, involve our research fellows and partners, and develop solutions we believe will help you overcome these challenges. We then package the content in a way that it’s understandable, applicable, and will stick. Finally, we deliver the programs in an entertaining, thought-provoking, and engaging way. Online, offline, or blended.

That's what we are good at. And it is why our programs come with so much value and fun.

Our Core Team

Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt
Founder and CEO, Facilitator

Professor Matthias Ehrhardt has extensive experience in building up, investing in, restructuring, and growing companies in diverse industries such as media, training, manufacturing, and technology. Today, he is engaged in businesses and start-ups that focus on learning and talent development. In addition, he has served as an executive coach and facilitator for talent development, entrepreneurship, and leadership at various universities and companies for over 20 years. He has worked with startups, VC and private equity firms, family businesses, leading business schools, and global corporations.

Verena Lauffs
COO, Facilitator and Coach

Verena Lauffs has served as trainer and coach for many years in different learning, coaching, and talent development programs. She has a teacher´s degree in languages, social studies, and psychology and worked as a consultant in the education and communications sector prior to her coaching. She is passionate about collaborating with people and teams across the globe, inspiring them to bring out the very best in them and thrive personally and professionally. She has worked with startups, NGOs, and large corporations. She also supports young people as career coach.

Meet some of our Partners, Facilitators, and Coaches

Rudolf Repgen

Coach and Advisor

Rudolf loves working with people. As an executive coach, he supports entrepreneurs and managers, advises family businesses as well as corporations. He has over twenty years of experience in leading and developing international management programs.

Ryan Sink

Coach and Advisor

Ryan started several businesses on multiple continents and in various industries to serve individuals. His focus has now shifted to supporting innovative companies which are changing this world for the better. A deep passion for learning has always made it possible for him to navigate new areas with ease. His goal is to empower others to do the same.

Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan

Coach and Advisor

As head of Erdmann Marketing Group, Heidi creates actionable B2B sales and marketing strategies based on real-life insights using interviews, surveys, research, and decades of expertise to help leaders in technology, professional services, and workplace solutions "do marketing differently". She also coaches marketing teams and helps them optimize their strategies, tactics, and careers.

Terry Chuah

Coach and Advisor

Terry advises investor clients and Boards of Directors on CEO and C-level appointments and conducts Leadership Assessments. With 20 years of executive search experience gained at three of the top tier global search firms and having worked across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe, Terry also advises and helps individual executives design career strategies to realize their professional and life aspirations. Terry is the Founder of TheCareerLifeCycle.

Rachel Coogan

Coach and Advisor

Rachel is a creative community builder possessing the focus, determination, and patience to affect change in individuals and in groups through attentive support and unparalleled assistance. She's passionate about finding needs and filling needs within any role. More specifically, Rachel is a strategic thinker, a proactive worker, a natural organizer, and an excellent administrator. She ensures adherence to correct procedures, guarantees consistency of team output, and follows instructions to the letter.

Gonzague Dufour

Coach and Advisor

Gonzague is an Executive and Organizational Coach (Columbia University Certified Coach ), Mentor and HR Consultant. His mission: to help organizations and leaders to go where they deserve to be. His expertise: mentoring and coaching, assessments, talents review and management, leadership development, senior leadership team dynamic, HR organizations assessment and development .

Some of our research partner organizations

Autoris was founded in 1998 by Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt. Since then, it has always been the same thing that drives us: making scientific insights applicable to day-to-day leadership, learning, and life.