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At the Autoris Academy, we offer a variety of programs for individuals (open programs) and programs for organizations. Our programs for individuals are online and consist of three to four sessions. Our programs for organizations are online, in-person, or come in a blended format.

"Simply the best"

"Simply the best! Matthias and his team at the Autoris Academy have uncanny knowledge to help individuals reach their utmost potential as leaders."

Colin D. Weekes, MD, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
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In many of our programs, we use 360° assessments to help leaders and employees hone their skills and performance by using data (feedback) received confidentially from peers, managers, and other people in their professional and personal environment. This feedback is collected from online questionnaires that address a wide range of strengths and competencies based on a rating scale and written comments. Here are two examples of our assessments:

You at Your Best

The best strengths assessments in the world

The more consciously and frequently we use our strengths and build on them, the better we can learn and in turn, the more successful we become. When we learn new things and experience success, it drives us to chase even more growth, creating an upward trend in our lives. The You at Your Best Assessment covers different areas of strength which are crucial for learning and development, so we can continue to learn and grow as individuals personally and professionally.

The Trust Building Indicator (TBI)

For leaders, teams, and organizations who want to foster trust in their work environment.

Science shows that trust is one of the most important factors for success, both for individual leaders and businesses. However, it takes a lot to build trust. This assessment looks at the elements and actions necessary to generate trust in the workplace.