Research is our foundation

Since our inception, scientific research has been the foundation of our work. Together with our global network of research fellows and partner organizations, we do research in the field of leadership, learning, and talent development. We consistently test new approaches to teaching, technological solutions to deliver the most engaging online workshops, or develop new frameworks for sustainable learning. Ultimately, we focus on the question of how people can improve, hone their strengths, and thrive - professionally and personally in their everyday lives.

Some of our research projects

Below are some of our past and ongoing research projects.

L&D 2022: Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities

HR & Learning & Development (L&D) professionals departments across the globe face unprecedented challenges. Digital disruption, COVID, talent shortage, remote work, just to name a few. What are the most pressing challenges, current trends, but also new opportunities in L&D? In this study, we run interviews with leading practitioners and conduct an in-depth literature review to answer these questions.

Designing Talent

Designing Talent is a framework we have crafted after many years of analysis, testing, and evaluation. It is based on the principles of Design Thinking, a continuous innovation approach that is used by the world’s most successful companies to spur creativity, innovate, and improve products, processes, or business models. For example, the business model of Uber was developed using Design Thinking. Designing Talent is the first framework and certification program that makes the ingenuity of Design Thinking specifically applicable for leadership, coaching, and talent development. This approach has become very successful, and many top companies and organizations are already using it. Since 2018 we have trained several thousand leaders and certified 300+ coaches in the Designing Talent Framework.

Top for Talent

It has become increasingly difficult for leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR practitioners to stay up to date with the latest insights, trends, and best practices in the field of talent development. Our research fellows monitor studies, books, newsletters, podcasts, videocasts, as well as leading scientists and practitioners and regularly compile them in our "Top For Talent" series.

Storytelling for leadership, learning, and talent development.

Our goal in this research project was to develop easy-to-use tools that would be rooted in a deep understanding of narrative theory and help you a) understand what stories really are and how they are constructed, b) craft captivating and powerful stories, and c) use storytelling at a whole new level – in leadership, negotiations, sales, and talent development. After years of research and testing, we developed “The ABC of Narrative,” “The Triple AAA of Stories,” “Your Answer is Your Story,” and several other tools that help people leverage the true power of stories and become masters in storytelling. Eventually, this research project resulted in our highly successful signature program "Start with a Story".

The Art of Learning

How to use art as a source of learning for leaders, coaches, and talent developers? There are so many reasons why art always has been and still is so important in our world. From prehistoric cave drawings to modern works, it is obvious that art is interwoven with our existence. Art can show us how humans see and interact with others and their environment. It can help us to shape our personalities and understand things from different angles, views, and positions. Art can help us discover aspects about ourselves and "frame" things differently. We have been working on this research project for years, have tested many approaches to make art a source of valuable learning for leaders, coaches, and talent developers.
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Teaching with Technology

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for teachers, students, and families. When schools had to close and teachers faced the challenge of teaching online or hybrid classes, we quickly developed solutions to teach with technology and started training teachers - combined with Designing Talent, our signature design-thinking-based approach to learning. Watch this video about our "Teaching with Technology" solutions that helped countless teachers and schools in times of the pandemic.

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